Crowdfunding Bicycle Building - An interview with Andrew Denham of The Bicycle Academy

January 30, 2012

The Bicycle Academy, an innovative plan to train people to build bike frames whilst providing bikes to the developing world, used crowdfunding to generate the funds it needed to set up. The campaign was one of the most successful reward based campaigns raising £40,000 in just a few days.

I had the chance to speak to Andrew Denham, the founder of Bicycle Academy at the very end of 2011. In this interview Andrew:

  • Explains how the Bicycle Academy works and what inspired him to set it up
  • Why he chose to crowdfund it
  • Why he chose the platform that he did
  • What he believes made the campaign such a successful one
  • Gives advice for anyone else looking to run a crowdfunding campaign

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Interview with Luke Lang, Crowdcube

January 16, 2012

Crowdcube is the world leader in equity-based crowdfunding. Launched in February 2011, the UK based platform has set the pace in bringing to the fore a new mechanism of raising capital for entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. Just before Christmas twintangibles managed to get the chance to speak to Luke Lang, one of its founders shortly after they had successfully used their own platform to raise a significant investment. A transcript of the interview is available at